Burntcoat Head Park Field Trip – Saturday, July 22nd

Here are the details of the trip this weekend to the Noel Shore. Please remember your field trip waiver available here.

Please let me know if you plan to attend or if you have questions.

See you there!

Burntcoat Head Park Field Trip – Saturday, July 22nd

We will meet at 3:30pm in the parking lot

611 Burntcoat Head Road, Noel, Nova Scotia
B0N 2C0
Please visit the website which is full of great information about what you will see.
At the bottom of the home page at the above site is the location on a map
The park is open from dawn until dusk
High tide: 12:37 pm (14.7m or 46.7ft)
Low tide: 7:00 pm (.6m or 2ft)

No more than a five minute walk from the parking lot
To access the shore there are concrete steps to the upper shelf of rock and then a sloped drop of six feet to reach the ocean floor. It can be a bit difficult for some and this is where a walking stick may assist. Helping hands and team work is a proven method too!

Good news! I spoke with park staff and they carved steps into the sandstone to get from the shelf to the floor so it is much easier to navigate.


  • Sweater and a wind/waterproof coat as it is often cooler on the ocean floor
  • Bottled water – no glass
  • Sturdy shoes or boots as it is slippery
  • Walking stick if you like
  • Sunscreen and other sun protective gear
  • Knee-pads for close-ups
  • Clothes you don’t mind getting full of red mud which doesn’t come out easily, if at all
  • Pack your gear well and have something waterproof (garbage bag is good enough) to put it in as the ocean floor will be damp/wet
  • Be aware of where you are in relation to the shore and the incoming tide which won’t start rising until 7pm

Dining between 6:30 and 7pm…
For those interested, we’ll have a “pack your own” picnic on the ocean floor
The “Plan Your Trip” section of the website lists a couple of places where you can purchase a packed lunch
Tablecloths and chairs will NOT be provided but there are loads of rocks to sit on J
Glass bottles etc. are not recommended

The park is open until dusk – enjoy!

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