Field Trip 3: Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area (Provincial Crown land)
Susie’s Lake Trail – Huckleberry Bush Shoot:
Saturday Oct 7. Rain date – Sunday Oct 8. Time 10:00 to app.12:30.

Color: The timing should be right for the huckleberries and blueberries leaves to be beautifully red. The trail can be rough walking in a few places, about 30-45 minutes in. Our destination is a beautiful high rock outcropping called Flagpole Hill at Susie’s lake that has a great view. Wear hiking boots or watertight boots if there has been a heavy rain previous to that date. The trail is rugged in places; there are a couple of ridges, and a steep climb to get up on the big rock for the view of Susie’s Lake from Flagpole Hill.

Meet in the parking lot at Kent Building Supply in Bayer’s Lake Business Park. Drive to the right side of Kent Building Supplies close to the outside lumber/stone storage yard to meet with Bob and Wendy.

Bob McDonald will describe the trail and what they expect to find and when you arrive at Susie’s Lake. He will further describe the area in some detail.

Bob and Wendy would much appreciate copies of some of your images which may be uploaded to the “Halifax North West Trails” Facebook page to illustrate this new park area. Any images so used will be fully credited. If you are interested, images can be sent to

Don’t forget to bring a field trip waiver.

Leaders: Bob and Wendy McDonald (902-443-5051).