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Christmas Dinner

Hello Everyone,
Wednesday night was the date of the PGNS ‘Christmas Dinner’ at the ‘l’Acadie Cafe on the Bedford Highway….
I came pretty close to photographing all of the attendees (37 I believe), and we know how shy photographers can be when it comes to having their pictures taken!!
The turkey supper was delicious…the camaraderie was superb!
As we look forward to some special time with family and friends, remember to take lots of photos and store up the memories for the winter months ahead!
Special thanks to Esther, and her helper Edie, for getting this occasion all set to go for us…we are appreciative of ALL you do for us !!!!
Till we meet again, stay safe, (don’t get run over by any reindeer!)

Seminar 5: Sensibility, Style and Signature

Monday, December 11, 2017

Sensibility, Style and Signature is a workshop dedicated to discovering your true personal talent and expression, and developing it into a photographic style that comes from the inside out. Cheryl draws on the experiences and methods of known authors and artists, who also strive to project their own voice in the creative work that they do.
Speaker: Cheryl Hassen