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Seminar 6: Sight & Sound Essays, Monday, January 14, 2019

Learn how to create a Sight & Sound Essay.

The Sight & Sound Essay competition is March 3, 2019, so it is time to start thinking about creating your essay. If you have never created a slide essay before, this seminar is for you. If you just need a review, this seminar is for you. If you need to learn some new techniques, this seminar is for you. Mervyn Kumar-Misir will show you all the steps.

If you use a Mac, Darryl Robertson will present a mini-seminar about FotoMagico, the best slide show app for Mac computers.

Creating a Travelogue Essay, Sunday, September 30, 2018

It is time to start thinking about essays. Joyce Chew is the speaker for this seminar. She will talk about essay creation, apps for the sight and sound essay and the specific design of travelogue essays. Even if you don’t compete in our essay competitions, creating essays is a fun and creative activity for photographers at all levels. The upload form for the silent essay competition will be active Sunday, so don’t miss this seminar.

CAPA Fall Round Competition

On October 15, we will have the first CAPA competition of the season where we will be selecting images to go away to represent the club in the Nature, Fine Art and Photojournalism (Minimally Manipulated) categories. The upload form for this competition is active now.
In the Nature category, CAPA is awarding Botany awards for the top 3 Botany images. As part of an initiative to encourage Botany images, the Executive is holding a Botany competition so that PGNS will send at least one Botany image to CAPA in our Nature submission. The top Botany image will be selected to go away along with the top 5 images from the Nature competition.
CAPA’s definitions and eligibility criteria can be different from PSA so please take note of the following differences.
Titles can have an impact on the score of an image so chose a title that compliments or conveys the message you want to convey about the image as CAPA judges will take that into consideration.
Fine Art allows “Open editing” so all types of processing techniques are allowed including composites and use of filters. All portions of the image must have been photographed by the maker. A Fine Art image goes beyond merely capturing an image and cropping. The image can be of any subject but must convey or evoke a message, idea or emotion.
Both Nature and PJ have “Restricted Editing” so the RAW/original JPG file must be available as CAPA is being diligent about scrutinizing the image to ensure that all awarded entrants are complying with its restrictions. Do not submit an image to the Nature or PJ competition if you are not able to provide the original file.
Nature images depict all branches of natural history except anthropology or archeology. It can be of a landscape, geological formation, weather phenomena or extant organism. The image can be of a subject in controlled conditions (zoos, game farms, botantical gardens, aquariums, etc.) however human elements should not be present (i.e. fencing, posts, cut branches) as the human element is grounds for disqualification. Botany includes images of uncultivated trees, flowering and non-flowering plans, ferns, algae, fungi in their natural habitat. Images of floral arrangements, cultivated or hybrid plants, feral animals, domestic animals or mounted specimens are ineligible. No stitching, infra-red images or techniques (except for cropping) that add, move, replace or remove pictorial elements. Techniques (such as HDR, Focus Stacking, Dodging/Burning) that enhance the presentation of the photograph without changing the nature story or altering content of the original scene are permitted. All allowed adjustments must appear natural.
CAPA considers Photojournalism to be an image of people affected by an event or situation. The situation must not be staged or re-enacted. Only basic post-processing such as cropping, tone and colour adjustment is allowed. No selective adjustments like dodging/burning, digital gradient filters or vignettes. Techniques such as HDR, focus stacking, stitching, composites, filters, infra-red are not allowed.
October 8 is the upload deadline for submitting images for the October 15 CAPA competitions.
Looking forward to seeing your images!

Sight and Sound Essay

Hello everyone….Can’t believe the middle of February is almost here…!!!!!
When the schedule is made up, a year in advance, it seems like a long time before some of these deadlines will occur, but then, you turn around a few times and ……………..

So please consider spending some time this week preparing an essay to share with us….
Any subject….your choosing, tell us a story, use a theme, show us a travel experience…..add some music, and/or sound effects, or ‘voice over’…and voila, you are in !!!!!!!
There should be a 2 second black slide to start (does not count in the 5 minute time limit)…you can use transitions, and slide effects, and timing as you choose.

Produce an mp4 (preferred) an avi or an mov file and bring it on a DVD or a Flash Drive to the Workshop on Monday the 20th. If you are using ProShow to make your essay, you can submit an ‘exe’ file with all the files that were used to make the essay, (the images, the music the sound effects…and the ‘psh’ file) Note, From Pro Show you can export as any of the file types listed.

If you won’t be coming to the Workshop on Monday please drop your DVD/Flash Drive through the mail slot in Merv’s door (in and envelope large enough to be seen) at 6430 Cork St. Halifax, NS, B3L 1Z4.

Contact Merv if you have further questions……..