Sight and Sound Essay

Hello everyone….Can’t believe the middle of February is almost here…!!!!!
When the schedule is made up, a year in advance, it seems like a long time before some of these deadlines will occur, but then, you turn around a few times and ……………..

So please consider spending some time this week preparing an essay to share with us….
Any subject….your choosing, tell us a story, use a theme, show us a travel experience…..add some music, and/or sound effects, or ‘voice over’…and voila, you are in !!!!!!!
There should be a 2 second black slide to start (does not count in the 5 minute time limit)…you can use transitions, and slide effects, and timing as you choose.

Produce an mp4 (preferred) an avi or an mov file and bring it on a DVD or a Flash Drive to the Workshop on Monday the 20th. If you are using ProShow to make your essay, you can submit an ‘exe’ file with all the files that were used to make the essay, (the images, the music the sound effects…and the ‘psh’ file) Note, From Pro Show you can export as any of the file types listed.

If you won’t be coming to the Workshop on Monday please drop your DVD/Flash Drive through the mail slot in Merv’s door (in and envelope large enough to be seen) at 6430 Cork St. Halifax, NS, B3L 1Z4.

Contact Merv if you have further questions……..