Silent Essay Competition

The silent essay competition is Sunday, October 21, the upload deadline is October 14 and the upload form will be active on September 30.

Now is the time to start thinking about your essay!

Last year was the first year that your silent essay was created for you and we will do that again this year. In fact, if you do make your own essay it will be disqualified. Everyone’s essay is exactly the same: up to 12 images in competition format, each image is displayed for 6 seconds with a one second dissolve transition between images. You upload your images, just like in any other competition, and the webmaster will create the essay for you using a standard template.

“Competition format” means that all your images must be no wider than 1400 pixels and no higher than 1050 pixels. The colour space must be sRGB, profile attached, in JPEG format.

The upload form does have a few requirements. Your essay title must be the title you enter for the first image. The titles for all the other images can be anything – they are not used. There are 12 categories in the upload form with the names: “Image 1 Essay Title”, “Image 2”, “Image 3” and so on up to “Image 12”.

Please note that the categories are not listed in the popup menu “in order”. In other words, the Image 1 category will not be the first item in the menu. Unfortunately the webmaster has no control over the order in which categories are listed. However, “Image 3” will the the third image displayed in your essay, regardless of where that category is shown in the upload form menu.

Your images can contain montages or anything else you want. You can add the essay title to an image but that has to be one of the 12 images (presumably the first). Any or all slides can have text as well as an image, but the text must be part of the slide. All images are centred within a 1400X1050 space that has a black background.

There will be a one second dissolve up from black for your first image and a one second dissolve to black after your last image. The video file will be created in mp4 format (Mac and PC compatible), 30 frames per second, no audio and with High Profile 5.2 H.264 compression. Please let the webmaster know if you want a copy of your essay (emailed after the competition).