Evaluation Groups

As we are well into the 2018-19 season it’s time to get Evaluation Groups underway. Joyce and I once again will be coordinating the Evaluation Groups. We hope to arrange a number of events for this fall, and later, more in the new year.

Evaluation Groups are an opportunity for Guild members to get together in friendly small-group situations to review each other’s photographs and give helpful advice for improvement.

Evaluation Groups are an attempt to provide opportunities to Guild members that are not always available at regular meetings:

  • To provide members with verbal feedback on slides or prints they wish to show in an informal setting;
  • To encourage participants to exercise and develop their analytical skills in assessing the merits of photographic images;
  • To promote learning of new photographic skills and techniques;
  • To provide opportunities for social interaction between members.

We will make a list of members willing to host one or more events and contact each of them to determine a date (or dates) and the number of participants. The host/hostess might have several members he/she wants to invite (possibly members of their previous group). We will then put out a notice by email to the Google PGNS Members Group indicating the number of openings in the event. From those who submit their names to me by phone or email, we will pick participants based on: Balance of experienced and less experienced photographers; priority for those who have not participated in previous events; and the order in which names were submitted. We can select a facilitator (someone other than the host) if desired.

The first step is to get some volunteers to host events. If you are interested in hosting an event, or would like to know more about what it involves, contact me by email or come to one of the meetings where we can discuss the details.

Happy shooting,