CAPA Fall Round Competition Image Uploads

On Sunday, September 8, the CAPA Fall Round competition upload form will become active. The form will close at end of day Sunday, September 22. A few days after the form goes active I will be traveling and will not be available until after the form closes.

If you intend to submit images to this competition you must have a new competition account. Most of you already do. However, do you remember your user ID and password? You might want to try to log in before the upload competition form goes active (the upload page can be viewed) and before I am away, just in case. If you have forgotten your ID I can look it up. If you have forgotten your password I can NOT look that up (it is encrypted), so you will have to set up a new password from the login panel “Lost your password?” link. Any time you log in, please log out (top right Howdy menu) when you want to leave the page!

There are three PDF documents available from the members-only web page: “Competition Uploads”, “Upload Guidelines” and “Upload Login”. I strongly suggest you read all three before you begin uploading your images. You will be given the new members-only password when you renew your membership, but last season’s password will still work for a limited time. Every Guild member uses the same password to access the member-only web page. This is not your competition account password.

Both the Competition Uploads and the Members Only links are available from the top right sidebar of the website.

Darryl Robertson