Silent Essay Competition, Sunday, November 24, 2019

The upload form for the Silent Essay Competition is now open. Because we have a new upload form this year the way you need to prepare your images for the essay has changed. For the better. It is easier this year – really!

The silent essay competition rules are that you can submit up to 12 images in competition format. Each image will be displayed for 6 seconds with a 1 second dissolve between them. The essay itself will be a 1400X1050 video in mp4 format. As the name implies, there is no audio.

You can not produce this essay yourself – it will be created for you. You do not need any app to compete – just upload your images. Everyone’s essay will be consistent with the rules. The images that you use for the silent essay do not limit how you can use those images in other competitions. These images do not count for the “three times” rule and they do not have to be “new” images.

In past years you had to rename your image file names with a sequence number indicating the order you wanted the images to be displayed. You no longer have to do that. Your file names can be anything, no change required. The upload form has 12 “categories” that indicate the sequence. However, the first image title, entered in the upload form, must be what you want the essay title to be. You do NOT have to enter image titles for any of the other images.

Now is the time to start selecting your silent essay images!

Darryl Robertson