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Competition 3

If you are like me you are shaking your head and wondering how we are at Competition 3 already…The 27th is the deadline for uploading…so with all the things going on in the next week, I will be so bold as to suggest you start your images for this competition, and get started right away with the upload process! As usual if you have questions you can email any of the executive listed on the PGNS website or reply to this GoogleGroup email….Again, I wish you a Very Merry Christmas….and a wonderful New Year !  ‘2019′, here we come!


Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas to Everyone! To those of you who joined us at the Museum on the 12th…THANK YOU for making the evening a wonderful time! The pizza was good, the sweets were fabulous, the games were fun and full of humour, and the photo booth was a success as you can see below….Special thanks to the ‘Elves helpers’ (you know who you are!)…many hands make light work!!!!! We wish every one of you a wonderful holiday season full of lots of opportunities to make some wonderful photographs for yourselves, and for your families…

Sent with ‘sweet thoughts of shortbread and plum pudding’, from the Elves, (Pam and Viki). Check out this post on our FB page !!!!