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Silent Essay Competition, Sunday, December 6, 2020

As you probably know, our next competition is the Silent Essay Competition. If you have not yet worked on the essay, it is now time to start doing it.

The results night will be at 7:30 pm on December 6, but the process will be starting much earlier. Here is the brief process:

  • Your Silent Essay will consist of a maximum of competition size 12 digital images. The competition size is 1400×1050.
  • Please upload your images using our regular competition upload page.
  • The upload page for the Silent Essays will be made available on November 8. The upload page will be turned off at 11:45 pm on November 22. This means you will have two weeks for uploading your essay.
  • The upload form “categories” are “Image 1”, “Image 2”, … “Image 12”.
  • The title of the first image must be the title of the essay. The other images do not have to have a title.
  • Make sure you upload the images in the same order as you’d like to show them in the essay. First image of the essay should be uploaded under “Image 1”, the second image in the essay should be uploaded under “Image 2” and so on.

Laszlo Podor
PGNS President

Post Processing, Sunday, November 15, 2020

Just a reminder, our next meeting is at 7:30 pm on November 15 (Sunday).

There will be two seminars that night:

  • Panoramic Photography by Darryl Robertson
  • Post Processing in Lightroom and Photoshop by Laszlo Podor

A new Guild night has been set up – as some of you were interested in ON1 Photo RAW, we’ll have another session scheduled for 7:30 pm on November 16 (Monday). We will review the ON1 package from importing the images, processing them and exporting them.

Links to the webinars are on the members only page.

See you on Sunday and/or Monday!

You Be The Judge, Monday, November 9, 2020

You Be The Judge

Have you ever thought, “I wouldn’t have given that image that score?”. On Monday, Nov. 9, you get the chance to be in the hot seat and be the judge.

We will be using the judging kits provided by CAPA, which contain high, medium and low scoring images from recent CAPA Fine Art and Creative competitions. You will get a chance to score the images and compare your scores with the scores of the CAPA trained judges. We will also hear the feedback that the judges provided on how the images could be improved.

Please remember to download the category scorecards and material before the meeting so that you can follow along.

Joyce Chew