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Silent Essay Competition, Sunday, November 5, 2017

For the first time, everyone could enter the silent essay competition – no app required! And almost twice as many people did submit images to the competition compared to last year. Although all the essays were created the same way, there is a wide variety of themes and styles.

Even if you don’t have an essay in the competition, plan to attend the meeting. These are great essays with amazing images, so this will be a very enjoyable evening.

Darryl Robertson
PGNS President/Webmaster

Silent Essay 2017

The Silent Essay competition this year is going to be different. You do not need a slide show app to enter the competition. Because the rules for the silent essay (6 seconds display with a 1 second dissolve) are the same for everyone, the essay can be created for you. In fact, you will not be allowed to create your own essay. This will guarantee that all the essays conform to the essay rules.

To enter the competition all you need to do is upload your images to the silent essay competition upload form, just like entering images in any other competition. This year everyone can enter the silent essay competition! All your images must be in competition format (1400X1050, jpeg). There are 12 competition “categories”, indicating the order that you want your images to be displayed. You can enter fewer than 12 images, but not more.

Individual image titles are never used in a silent essay, but you do need to enter your essay title. Use the “Image 1” title for your essay title. All the other image titles can be anything you want, and the form does require that you enter something, but those titles will not be used. Your essay title and image titles must conform to the restrictions listed in the Upload Guidelines document.

Note that the category list in the upload form is not “in order” but the descriptions are correct.

If you embed your essay title into your first image, as many people do, you still have to enter that title as the first image title in the upload form.

The Silent essay competition is Sunday, November 5, 2017 and the upload deadline is October 22, 2017. This upload deadline is two weeks ahead of the competition. The extra time is needed to create your essay.

Technical information:

Your essay will be created in the universal mp4 format, 30 fps, highest quality and no audio track. The essay dimensions will be 1400X1050, so some or all of your images may be letter boxed. That is fine for a projected essay. All essays will be built with the same template in FotoMagico 5 running on a Mac.

There will be a one second dissolve between images and each image will be displayed for six seconds. A three second blank slide will be added to the beginning of the essay (needed for our projector) and this allows for a one second dissolve from black to your first image at the start of the essay. A three second blank slide will also be added to the end of your essay, allowing the last image to dissolve over one second to black.