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The Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia is a PSA Member Club. We participate in INTERCLUB competitions with other PSA Member Clubs from all over North America and some from overseas. Interclub is an excellent tool to test how our imagery stands in the world.

The 6 Interclub Competitions are overseen by Interclub Chairs. PGNS holds PSA competition events 4 times each season. The top digital images from each category are sent via the Internet to the Competition Chair.  The top scoring Prints from all five categories are mailed in a special ‘mailer’ to the Competition Host Club.

PGNS competes in 6 INTERCLUB categories:

  1. PID- Projected Image Division – Open – (4 Rounds)
  2. PID- Projected Image Division Creative – (4 Rounds)
  3. Nature Division – (3 Rounds)
  4. Photojournalism Division – (4 Rounds)
  5. Photo Travel Division – (3 Rounds)
  6. Pictorial Print Division (5 categories each round) (4 Rounds)

PSA Volunteers, and Club Reps and volunteers within the Clubs themselves, work hard to make the competitions run as smoothly as possible. When results are in it is nice to have a place to share them.  After PSA NEWS and related items are posted to the main page of the PGNS website they will be placed here on the PSA page of the website for easy reference.  Most of these posts will also be seen on the PGNS FaceBook page, so please find the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia and ‘like’ the page to ‘FOLLOW’ the Guild’s news, upcoming events and so on.

You can check out the Photographic Society of America website.
If you have any questions related to PSA, PSA Individual Membership, PSA Benefits, Conferences, Competitions, please contact Viki Gaul.

Viki Gaul
PSA Representative for PGNS


  • Competition 4

    Competition 4 is happening Sunday evening !


    Yes that is right….and don’t ask me how it happened because I can’t tell you….the time seems to fly by so fast…(except during a snow storm, then it ‘crawls’ by)…haha !
    So the schedule for the evening will include, 4 sections of prints, Large Colour and Mono, and Small Colour and Mono, followed by only 2 digital sections…Open and PJ.
    The highest scoring entries from each of these sections will be sent away to compete in PSA Interclub competitions with other clubs from all over the US and the Uk as well.
    I have ribbons to present to the award winners from the print competitions 2 and 3…as you will see below. It is nice to see the scores that each of the entries got ‘away from home’…
    And is great to be able to congratulate the award winners too!!!!
    There are also a few ribbons back from digital categories, so lots to look forward to!
    Some of you will already know that PGNS is testing a judging system that uses 1-10 instead of 1-5…and that will be an interesting aspect of Competition 4…
    Ok for now….Have a look at the award winners in the attachment….Congrats to all from the
    PSA Club Rep, Viki

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