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Excel and VBA

As you may know, on June 1st I had to upgrade the Guild’s website for security and compatibility reasons. This was not optional. I had no choice. One of the consequences of this upgrade is that all of our old custom competition code (100,000 lines of PHP code) no longer works. If we try to use it, it will crash, hard.

I realized that it would probably take me most of the summer to try to redesign and rewrite this code to make it usable again. I was not happy about this. Joyce Chew said “why don’t we use the plugin that CAPA uses?” I said “what plugin? !!!”. Well, what I actually said was a bit more colourful. As it turns out, this plugin is very nice, it will actually work for our competition uploads, it is better and faster than our old code and my summer has been saved. Thank you Joyce.

There is, however, one little catch. Our old code was written to make ClubViewer happy. ClubViewer is the PC-only app that we use during our competition judging. It has some very specific, and rather bizarre, requirements. This new upload plugin knows nothing about ClubViewer and it can not be modified to be compliant with what ClubViewer demands.

I have written a spreadsheet text parsing function and a short AppleScript automation that can convert what the plugin provides into the format that ClubViewer requires. These functions are Mac-only. However, I am sure that Windows Excel can duplicate these functions.

So here is the point, I am looking for a Guild member who has a PC, has Excel, and is comfortable with a bit of Visual Basic programming. I don’t have a PC, I don’t have Excel and I don’t program in VBA. I suspect that my text parsing function will run as is in Excel, or nearly so. Translating my little AppleScript into VBA should be relatively easy. If you would like to give this a try please email me.

Darryl Robertson
PGNS Webmaster