Reality vs Artistry vs Deception in Photography
Monday, April 8, 2024 7:30 PM

This webinar is part of the Fred & Edie Greene Speaker Series

Reality vs Artistry vs Deception in Photography
Kas Stone

From its very beginnings almost two centuries ago, photography has sparked controversy in the art world. In recent years the tension has escalated as sophisticated tools like Photoshop and AI software push the boundaries between reality and illusion, challenging our perceptions and posing troublesome questions about the purpose and ethics of our image-making.

Many people wonder, for instance, whether authenticity should be a requirement in a photograph and how much editing is acceptable in its creation. Are deceptive images ever acceptable? Do current trends in shooting and processing make our images more artistic, or less? Do they even qualify as “photographs”?

In this presentation, Kas addresses these questions candidly, using examples from her extensive portfolio of “photographic art” to inspire you to think in a new way about why and how you make your own images.

Kas Stone is a professional photographer based in Nova Scotia, where her work is inspired by the wild coastal scenery and moody weather right outside her door. Her portfolio includes an extensive list of presentations, exhibitions and publications, with several books and feature articles in Canadian and British magazines. She favours a thoughtful, project-oriented approach to photography, exploring the landscape in the context of broader environmental and human themes.

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