2014-2015 Program

ProgramHeader The program for 2014-2015 is now available. You can see all the events from the Schedule web page. You can also download the entire program in iCal format that can be imported into Mac and PC calendars. A PDF version is also available.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Special Wine and Cheese Opener: For the first time it will be in the Main Gallery on the second floor. Use either the south or the Main entrance. Enjoy the Wild Horses of Sable Island Exhibit on display by Roberto Dutesco from New York.

Show and Tell 1: Guild Members bring up to 10 Digital Images showing “What You Did Last Summer” (or a short video) on a flash drive or CD. Executive Update by President Laszlo Podor.Your Hosts: Edie and Viki.

Mini Seminar 1: Preparing, sizing and uploading your images for Guild Competitions – Viki Gaul.

Gallery Web page

In preparation for the Guild’s new season of field trips I have created a new galleries index web page that contains all the field trip gallery links from last season. This will make room on the main galleries index page for new field trip galleries as well as providing a link to all the field trip galleries from last season, now on their own index page. This sounds way more complex than it is – just go to the Galleries web page and try it out!