Summer Treasure Hunt

Hello everyone, Hope all your summer plans are in place and you have lots of time for photography!!!!   Seems the weather is not cooperating yet, but that will soon change !

We want to invite you to take part in the annual ‘PGNS Summer Treasure Hunt’ …..

Start looking for the following 12 items and make a folder of images to share with us in the fall…Lots of fun ! You can get 1 or 2 or 6 or all 12….Your choice !


From this email you can save the jpg file to your photos and use as a screen saver on your smart phone as a reminder….works for me!  Or you can print a copy to keep in your car, or your purse etc….

Viki, on behalf of the PGNS Executive


Valley Excursion Field Trip

This year’s excursion will include three venues: Oaklawn Farm Zoo, the Kentville Ravine trail and Planters Ridge Winery. Details are set out below.

We will meet in the Zoo parking lot at 9.45 am. Please bring a waiver form which can be obtained at this link on our website. Please remember to bring cash for zoo admission, winery tour/tasting, etc.

Sunscreen, insect repellant and good hiking footwear would be good to have in tow.

Please let me know if you plan to attend. If have any questions, please contact me.

I hope you can join us.



1) Oaklawn Farm Zoo – 997 Ward Road in Aylesford – 10 am
We will meet in the zoo parking lot at 9.45 a m. Admission is $8.00 ($5.00 for seniors.) If we have a group of at least 10 there is a discount.
To get there from Halifax take Highway 101 to Exit 16 and then follow the blue “Zoo” signs. Essentially, when you come off the 101 at Exit 16 you turn left (onto Victoria Road) and keep going straight until you turn right onto Ward Road. This about a 90 minute drive from Halifax. The Zoo canteen opens at 11 a m.
Please note, the dangerous animals (e g big cats, bear) are in large, totally enclosed cages – some with two cage layers. Some of the outer cages have a few openings that a camera lens can fit through. Zebras, llamas, etc are in areas where unobstructed views can be obtained and/or fence mesh is big enough for a lens to fit.
Zoo website.

Lunch options include the Zoo canteen or other establishments on the way to the Ravine if you prefer. If you bring your own lunch, there are picnic tables at both the zoo and at the trail head for the Ravine. It is about a 30 minute drive from the zoo to the Ravine Trail so we will leave the zoo after lunch by 1 p m at the latest.

2) Kentville Ravine Trail – upper parking lot is accessed via the Kentville Agricultural Centre property – 32 Main Street in Kentville – 1.30 pm
The trail features old growth hemlock, a small waterfall and a meandering brook with four bridges. Although most of the trail in the ravine is fairly level, please note the trail descending into the ravine is quite steep and there is a fair climb adjacent to the waterfall.
Trail website.

It is about a 15 minute drive from the Ravine Trail to the winery. We will leave the Trail at 3.45 pm.

3) Planter’s Ridge Winery – 1441 Church St – Port Williams – 4 pm
The winery is housed in a 150 year old heritage barn overlooking a pastoral scene. A tasting costs $5.00. A tour (which includes access to production areas, etc ) with a tasting is 45 minutes and with less than 5 persons costs $15.00 each ; 5 or more persons costs $10.00 each.
Winery website.

Atlantic Motorsport Park Field Trip


This year we are combining the field trip to Atlantic Motorsport Park for motorcycle racing with birding/bird photography on two trails very near the racetrack. Here are the details related to the PGNS Field Trip on Sunday, May 22nd. If you have any questions not answered below, please contact me by return e-mail.

See you there!

1. Motorcycle Racing

(Please note: The race schedule will be subject to change and delays due to weather/wrecks/etc.)
9:45am Arrive at Atlantic Motorsport Park – Meet in parking lot to the right, inside the main gate. Entry fee is $10 per person, children under 12 can enter for free with an adult. The trip takes 50-60 minutes from Halifax.
10:00am Parking Lot – Orientation, Safety and Rules as per racetrack officials instructions *MANDATORY*
10:10am Enjoy the races!


  1. DO NOT wear Yellow or Red jackets, t-shirts, etc. You will not be allowed track side. The riders can easily misinterpret a yellow t-shirt or jacket as a caution flag and may slow causing a hazard on the track. Red is worse as a red flag means the track is blocked by a hazard and stop immediately.
  2. ALWAYS listen to the marshals. If you hear a whistle, STOP immediately and look around. This usually means you have walked somewhere you are not allowed to be for safety/security reasons. If the marshal is yelling at you to back-up, do it immediately or you will be ejected from the track area.
  3. You are welcome to talk to the pit crews and riders throughout the pit area. However, only pit crews are allowed on Pit Lane. DO NOT walk along Pit Lane. It is very active and a rider can very quickly exit the track and drive down Pit Lane for any number of reasons. Serious injury can occur if you are in the way when an emergency happens.
  4. Tower Area. Everyone is welcome to view the racing from the bottom level of the tower. To access the tower, you need to cross Pit Lane. You can only do this at the entrance to Pit Lane and only after exercising EXTREME caution looking for hazards first.
  5. NEVER, cross the race track. The only access to the inner track area is via the tunnel under Turn 1.
  6. NO ONE is allowed anywhere on an inside or outside corner unless behind a safety barrier and the marshal knows you are there and says it is okay. Some marshals will be more easy-going than others. It is ALWAYS better to ask first rather than hear a whistle and be told to move.
  7. NO CHAIRS are allowed track side. If you bring one, you can only use it in specific areas behind safety barriers.
  8. Accidents happen and you must be able to react instantly to move out of the way. If a marshal thinks you are a hazard you will be removed. No questions or discussion.

1. Atlantic Motorsport Park is located about 15 minutes from Shubenacadie and 50-60 minutes from Halifax. Directions:

  • Take Exit 10 off Highway 102, and head into Shubenacadie (2.3km)
  • At the stop sign, turn hard right onto West Indian Road (watch for the sign: Indian Brook / Mill Village / McPhee’s Corner)Drive 2.6km, keep right (Look for the Motorsport Park sign)
  • Drive 2km, turn right (Look for the North Salem / Atlantic Motorsport Park sign)
  • After 2.6km, the road will change to gravel. Drive on gravel road for another 2.2km
  • Turn Right just before the farm (Look for the Atlantic Motorsport Park sign)
  • Follow this road (1.2km) until you reach the Atlantic Motorsport Park gates

2. Recommended attire – Wear sturdy (maybe waterproof) footwear and prepare for wet and dry weather. The field trip will take place regardless of the weather. Sunscreen and insect repellent are also recommended. Ticks have been reported at the track so protect yourself accordingly.
3. Lunch and snacks – Bring your own. There may be limited “canteen type” food onsite located next to the registration building. There will be approximately an hour for lunch. Take lots of water.
4. Washrooms are located at the outfield between Turn 10 and 11. Vehicles are strongly discouraged from pit road, so you will need to plan any trips to the washroom / tower / pit road area.
5. During orientation, I will collect field trip waiver forms which are required for access to the track.
6. Be prepared to walk. The track is 2.5km long and consists of 11 challenging turns and varying elevations. The infield area is also challenging to walk and covers a very large area – about 300+ acres.

1. Depending on what you hope to achieve, a dSLR is highly recommended. A fast lens is not necessary, but will significantly improve your chance of capturing a good image.
2. You will likely want at least 100mm and the longer the lens you have, the better, depending on the type of shots you want. I use a 100-400mm lens and most of my images are shot at 200mm. You will want a shorter lens for photos in the pit area.

Atlantic Motorsport Park
Society of Atlantic Roadracing League
PGNS Field Trip Waiver Forms

2. Birding/Bird Photography

Two trails inside the park offer chances to see and, if the birds oblige, photograph warblers including American Redstart, Northern Parula, Yellow-rumped, Black-throated Green, Ovenbird, and Magnolia. Other birds include Hermit thrush, Northern Flicker, Song and White-throated sparrows, Blue-headed vireo, Least flycatcher, American Robin, and various year-round birds.

The pace is relaxed over mostly easy with a few challenging spots underfoot and takes approximately one to two and a half hours per trail. One trail will be covered in the morning starting after mandatory racetrack orientation which starts at 10am and the other in the afternoon starting around 1pm after lunch. Feel free to mix and match motorcycles and birds!

Take your longest lens and waterproof boots as the trails may be muddy and wet.

Your host will be Terry Boswell. He will have binoculars, a spotting scope and camera gear.