Halifax Wilderness Park Field Trip, Saturday, August 11, 2018

This field trip is Saturday, August 11 at 9:30 AM. It is being organized by Meredith Baldwin from the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Please remember to bring a PGNS field trip waiver.

Here is the information from Meredith:

Here is some pre-trip information for anyone planning to attend next weekend:

  • We’re meeting at Drysdale Ave. and Alabaster Way (off Herring Cove Rd. in Spryfield) at 9:30AM
  • We’ll be hiking until ~1PM depending on everyone’s pace. Make sure to bring a snack as well as lots of water!
  • There have been some tick sightings in the area. I would recommend long pants and shirt if possible and tick repellent. The most important thing will be showering after the hike.
  • Here’s a rough map of the trails for anyone who’s planning on heading out early. It can be accessed on your phone using google maps.  Please also save my cell phone number (listed below) in case of any issues! goo.gl/wFmMN3

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing the beautiful future Wilderness Park!

(289) 834 2535

The Nature Conservancy of Canada might like to use some of the images that we take on this field trip. Everyone retains the copyright for their images. This is a great way to help protect our natural environment and also promote the Guild. Once you have processed your images please email your best shots directly to Meredith.

Darryl Robertson
PGNS President/Webmaster

Macro Field Trip, Saturday, June 23, 2018

It’s that time again – Macro field trip to our gardens.
Date: June 23; Time: 3:00 pm
Rain date: June 24.

You will have a plethora of plants and flowers to photograph – we have over 450 species of plants around our house – native and ornamental perennials, bushes. There will be lots of insects in the garden, posing to have their picture taken – some of them are not that welcome (black flies and mosquitoes), so you might want to bring your favourite insect repellent – we’ll have Off!, just in case…

Although the start time is set to 3:00 pm, if you want to, you can come as early as 1:00 pm to become familiar with the plants. The introduction and a slideshow will start at 3:00 pm. There is no official end-time, you can shoot until your ISO, flash or the mosquitoes will let you do that 😉

Bring your camera, macro lens and macro accessories for the field trip. If you think you will need a tripod, bring it as well. When I am shooting macro in our garden, I rarely use a tripod, since it can make the focusing harder if there is some breeze or worse, some stronger wind.

Please let me know if you are planning to come. As we get closer to the date, I’ll send out more information and the directions to our place.

Please bring a signed waiver with you as well – you can download the waiver from our web site.

See you at our place at 3:00 pm on June 23!

Happy shooting,

Avondale Field Trip, Saturday, June 16, 2018

Our field trip to Avondale, Hants County this Saturday will include the Avondale Trail System and the Avondale Sky Winery which is hosting an Art Fair and Ginger Festival on Saturday as well.

We will meet at 1 pm at the trail head behind the Avondale Community Centre at 50 Avondale Cross Road. Please bring a field trip waiver with you. Hiking boots, sunscreen and insect repellant are recommended.

How to get there: Take Exit 5 off the 101 Highway just east of Windsor. Off Exit 5 take Highway 14 toward Brooklyn. Go about 6 kms and just past the St. Croix River turn left toward Mantua, Poplar Grove and Avondale. Go 1 km and turn left at the stop sign toward Poplar Grove, Avondale and Newport Landing. Go 7 kms into Newport Landing and then veer right onto the Avondale Cross Road. The Avondale Community Hall is a few hundred meters up the hill on the right side of the road. There is parking behind the Hall where the trail head is located.

The Trail System is primarily in the woods and consists of three interconnected trails – Westbrook, Mosher and Tunnel Quarry totalling 4.8 kms which are known for three lady slipper varieties. I scouted the trail last Saturday and saw pink lady slippers along the Westbrook Trail. The other trail head for the System is at the Avondale Sky Winery which is only a few hundred meters up the road from the Community Hall. So you can do as much or as little of the trail as you want and then go to the Winery. The trail is of moderate difficulty with some steep grades and tree roots over the trail in some areas. There are a few muddy areas but boardwalks in good repair are over the wettest areas. The trail is well marked with yellow markers and has excellent signage at all trail intersections. Here is a link to the trail website which includes a description and map.

There are ticks on this trail. I’ve walked it twice and picked a few ticks off my clothes the first time and had none last Saturday. Here is a link with information including how to dress for ticks.

Avondale Sky Winery – 80 Avondale Cross Road – Tours with tastings are at 2 and 4 pm and cost $13. which is reduced if you buy some wine. The main building for the Winery has an interesting history. It was a church in another community and transported here in an interesting feat of engineering. They have a good restaurant as well.

Art Fair and Ginger Fest – is an annual event held at the Winery. There is a $2 charge for the Art Fair and Ginger Fest.

If you want to explore a little and grab some lunch before we meet at 1 p m, the Avon River Heritage Society Museum at 17 Belmont Road has a café which opens at noon. The Museum is located at the spot that two ships with New England Planters landed in 1760. Also there is a municipal park next to the Museum which has some picnic tables. The Museum is less than a five minute drive from the Avondale Cross Road.

Folks at the Museum advise that Saturday is also yard sale day in Avondale so they may get a little crowded but it is hard to predict.

Please email me if you have any questions or phone: 902-422-8164.

Please let me know if you plan to attend.

I hope you can join us on Saturday!