Parrsboro Field Trip Rescheduled to October 4th

Hello All,
Due to the weather forecast for more showers on Saturday, the Blueberry Field trip to Parrsboro has been re-scheduled for Sunday Oct 4 which looks more promising.
Don’t forget to print out and bring your signed waiver form. It can be found @:

The itinerary will remain the same.

The annual photography field trip to the blueberry hills near and around Parrsboro will take place this Sunday, Oct 4. We will visit such places as Glasgow Mt. New Canaan Mt. Jersey Settlement, Diligent River, fields near Parrsborro, West Brook, and Halfway River, and Kirkhill to name a few. To date I have only seen some of the fields last week (they had just begun to change in certain fields.) I will have to go again nearer to the end of this week to verify which fields we will photograph.
We meet at the Glooscap Monument across from Tim Hortons. Everyone should be there for 8:00 am., as we leave shortly thereafter. Also bring your boots, as the grasses in the field, early the morning could be wet.
Everyone is welcome. Let’s join together to make this day an enjoyable one as we exchange ideas and moments.
Have a great day,
Blueberry field trip organizer,
Clarence Nowlan

Website Update

The Treasure Hunt scores are now available from the members only page.

We have had four people so far submit images for the new Share and Evaluate feature of the website. Each image has had a number of comments from the list of “experienced and judging qualified” people but any Guild member can comment. You don’t have to do a detailed analysis – if you just want to say you like the image you can do that. Images are posted for only one week so enter your comments quickly.

The 2015-16 Field Trip gallery is growing so have a look if you have not done so yet. And if you went on the model shoot at the Dingle or the Halifax Public Garden tour and have not sent me one or two images please email them to me for the gallery.

I am going to be traveling all next week so if you need something done on the website please let me know today or wait until Monday, October 5.

Darryl Robertson

Share and Evaluate

The new Share and Evaluate feature was briefly announced Monday night at the Competition 1 meeting. A link to the instruction page can be found on the members only web page. Let me emphasize that this is not a competition, there is no judging involved and it has nothing to do with the Guild competitions. It is intended to be a helpful, learning tool available to all Guild members. Any Guild member can comment but you are guaranteed that at least one experienced, judging qualified member will give you detailed information on how you can improve your image.


Share and Evaluate web pages allow you to post an image for evaluation and constructive criticism by other members of the Guild. You can remain anonymous if you wish to. You can use the evaluation comments to make changes to your image before submitting them to a competition or simply as a way to learn what others might do to improve your image.

  • You can submit one image for evaluation at a time.
  • The image will appear at the top of an evaluation web page with a link to it listed below.
  • The image should be in competition format (1400X1050, jpeg). The image will be resized to fit on the web page.
  • Email your image to the Webmaster and indicate if you wish to remain anonymous.
  • Make sure you give the image a title in your email to the webmaster.
  • Your image page will be removed from the Guild website after one week.


Every guild member can comment on any shared image. Comments should be constructive with specific ideas on how to improve the image.