AGS FIELD TRIP, Saturday 18th October 2014

The destination for this year’s AGS field trip involves some ground that we covered about a decade ago, but with a couple of new twists.  I’m planning for us to take in East Bay, near Parrsboro, with its spectacular vertical strata and sedimentary structures, and also the nearby colourful cliffs in front of Ottawa House.  The accompanying images give a sense of what we’ll see.  It’s an afternoon low tide, always good from the safety perspective, but leaves the earlier part of the day open.  I’m suggesting that we can meet on the way to Parrsboro at Truro’s Victoria Park, where there is some interesting geology, but also an opportunity to capture some fall colours.  Details will follow about one week prior to the trip.  Looking forward to seeing as many members as can make it on the 18th October.

Rob Fensome 


Partridge Island and Cape Blomidon from East Bay


Richly coloured rocks near Ottawa House


View of Clarke Head shore from near Ottawa House


Strongly tilted rock strata at East Bay, Parrsboro

Galleries Galleries Galleries

Now that the new Guild season has started and we have had two competitions and a field trip already I have started working on the website galleries.

275X183FT1-2014-15Our first field trip was to Laszlo and Maria’s garden and I have added the first field trip gallery of the season to the website. If you were there please email some of your images to me so I can add them to that gallery. This is not a competition, your images don’t have to be 15′s! I especially like photos that show the members who did not get to go what we were doing.

275X183PSALogoLast season I started a gallery of the images that were sent away to CAPA. I will continue that gallery this season and I have just added a new gallery for the images that are sent away to PSA. It is still under construction…


275X183-5sGalleryWe have had two competitions so far, Guild and PSA, so if you received a 5 from any of the judges, even a 12 the hard way (3,4,5), send me those images and I will add them to the Favourite 5′s gallery. This is not a huge gallery, obviously, so I am not going to remove the images from last season.


Many of the website pages have a header with a running slide show. Last season I had a great selection of images and I changed the slides every month or so but I have gone through all those images. All the header images are 960X250. Please look through your photos and if any of them are suitable to be cropped to that size please email me those cropped images. I will add every image I get to the header slide show and if I get enough of them I will be able to change the selection every month.

Please email your images to: The images should be competition size (1400X1050), except images for the header slide show (960X250).

Darryl Robertson

Guild 1 Competition

If you missed the first Guild competition night the scores are now available from the members only page (in record time!).
G1 scores
There are also some new or updated documents (pdf) that you should read, linked from the members only page. In particular the “Upload Guidelines” document lists what you can and can not do when entering the title of your images and things to watch out for when uploading your images. The Bluebook has been completely updated by Joyce Chew. A new document called “Competition Review”, again by Joyce Chew, defines all the different categories for Guild, PSA and CAPA competitions. And from the Competition page of the website Viki Gaul has updated the “Step By Step Instructions” document.

For the new season I am requesting that everyone please send me new images for the website header. These images must be cropped to 960X250 so if you have any images that can be cropped to these dimensions please email them to me.

The first PSA competition is on Monday, September 15, so the deadline for uploading your images is midnight this Saturday, September 13. Do not wait until the last moment to upload your images!

Darryl Robertson