Christmas Social, Wednesday, December 10

guild party poster

Hello everyone….December will soon be here and we want to make sure you save the evening of the 10th to come to the Museum to celebrate the Holiday Season with us. This is a NEW activity that takes the place of the usual dinner at the golf course.

We hope you will bring your camera(s) and participate in the photo opportunity we have planned, both as photographer and subject. We will have a PHOTO BOOTH (of sorts) and it promises to be very entertaining and rewarding.

The evening will also be filled with wonderful desserts and refreshments so have a light supper and join us for the ‘special’ goodies.

The evening begins at 7:30.

There will be party favours for everyone and a few door prizes as well.  (If you have something you would like to add to the door prizes please let us know and bring it along.)

There is NO CHARGE for this activity…. how great is that?  (smiles and giggles are expected)

Colin Campbell will be offering a half hour presentation and I will make a further announcement when I know what he has planned.

Please take the time to look at your December calendar…
Write PGNS Christmas Party on the December 10th spot and email Edie with you RSVP….
Planning is important with regards to food and drink, favors, etc. We really want to see as many of you as we can on this occasion. The evening has been planned with ‘fun and celebration’ in mind!!!!

Thanks, see you on the 10th….with bells on (optional) !!!


Gallery Images

Last season I created a website gallery for every field trip, CAPA and PSA ‘away’ images, added lots of images to the Favourite 5’s gallery and had an excellent selection of ‘header’ images. I was able to do this by jumping up and down, being obnoxious and generally disgracing myself by continuously begging for images.

I have not done that this season and have therefore received very few images for any of the galleries. So this is a non-begging and hopefully less obnoxious reminder that if you have any field trip images or any image that scored at least one 5 (score of 13 or higher) that you would like to submit for inclusion in a gallery please email them to me (competition format, 1400X1050).

I also really really need more images for the header slide show (must be cropped 960X250). Only one person has sent me any images for the header so although I’m not jumping up and down I am feeling the urge to at least start waving my arms around.