Brown Bag Shoot

brown-bagDeadline extended.  have some fun with this project….Brown Bag Shoot…Need ideas?  
Want to participate and can’t make it to the meeting this week?
Email me and I’ll help you figure out how, what, where and when…


Program Changes

As you are aware of it, we had to cancel the PSA night due to the unfortunate weather conditions. This resulted some changes in our program as follows.

February 22

  • PSA Competition 4
  • 3rd Guild Assignment – GLASS
  • Brown Bag Shoot – Members are to bring in a surprise small subject(s) in a “brown bag” and receive a bag from another member to take home and photograph. Images are to be brought back to the Guild on April 5th.
  • Drop off your Sight and Sound Essay on a CD or flash drive with all the images and sound tracks used for the essay. Mervyn will collect the essays.

March 1

  • As in schedule, does not change.

March 9

  • As in schedule, does not change.

March 29

  • Guild Competition 4
    Digital – Digital – Pictorial, Nature, Creative, Portrait, Photo Travel, P/J and Humour and Prints (Colour or Mono). A total of 7 digital images and 2 prints.
  • NS Bird Society Trophy
  • Atlantic Geoscience Society Trophy
  • Nova Scotia Nature Trust: Theme 2014 “Land Mammals”. See PGNS website for details.
  • Winter at the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park Exhibition Selection: Maximum 3 digital images per member. Check Guild website for species.

April 5

  • Show and Tell 2: (Non competitive) Members may bring images up to 15 digital images made with any digital camera (including a cellphone camera) on a flash drive or CD. Must not run longer than 6 minutes.
  • Brown Bag Shoot: Participating members are to bring in their images made from the Brown Bag surprise subject shoot for group discussion. (Non competitive).

The images used for PSA Competition 4 and 3rd Guild Assignment will be the ones you have already uploaded.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions about the schedule.


Sight and Sound Essays

Once again the Sight and Sound members’ essays are on the horizon —
Competition = 1st March 2015.

Due date for submissions is this Sunday, February 22.

They can be submitted that evening by CD, flash drive, or DVD.
As in previous years you may drop it off in my home mailbox anytime.
6430 Cork St., Halifax

Along with the essay, all candidates must include:
A. The original JPEGs images
B. The sound track data.
AND  for Proshow and Presenter users, The PSH or working file.

It is vital to have the above files  
for me to make up the Spring show

1. The essay is limited to 6 minutes with as many photos as you like.
2. PC users: 
The files are to be in Proshow or Presenter and must be an EXE file.
It can also be submitted as MP4 for users of other software.
3. MAC users: 
Check the blue book for information and instructions as prepared by 
Darryl. Your output file will be MP4.

Good Luck,