Annual Awards Banquet

Hello to everyone….This email is to announce the Annual Awards banquet in May….
Please read and note that you will need to sign up, on or before the 10th of May, to select your entree, ‘beef or salmon’…
We are looking forward to a new venue for the event this year, and we hope to see a great turnout for the meal and the proceedings….
Please send an email to Edie, or phone her at your earliest convenience.
Thank you….PGNS

The Creative Edge – Kas Stone

The Creative Edge
Finding Your Photographic Right-Brain
Presentation by Kas Stone

Sunday, May 7

This presentation explores the meaning of “creativity” in the photographic process, from initial inspiration to in-camera and post-processing techniques. Find out how to tap more deeply into the right side of your brain for images that are not only more rewarding personally, but more inspiring to your viewers too.