Field Trip 2, Sunday, October 19, 2014

Here is the take on the blueberry field trip scheduled for Oct 19th. 2014.

Plan AWe will be visiting fields in the Yorke Settlement, Woods Mt. as well as in the Fox River area in the morning, we meet at the one and only Tim Horton’s in Parrsboro at 8:00 am we leave at 8:10 sharp. (If someone plans on having a coffee at Tims; arrive there much earlier than 8:00.  I need the 15 minutes to gather people together and sign the waiver forms.   Between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm we will stop for lunch at the Glooscap Restaurant in Parrsboro, NS.

Around 1:00 pm. we will be visiting fields in the New Canaan Mt.  Gilbert Mt. areas.

Plan B:  If the area has been drenched by recent rains and the vast majority of the fields are without leaves we will make this trip a “seascapes adventure” trip.   Not to worry, we will not be walking long distances on the beaches. Short and manageable treks from your cars.  We will be visiting points of interest along the route from Parrsboro to West Advocate NS.

All attendees are required to sign waiver forms from the “Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia” as well as waiver forms from “Clarence Nowlan Atlantic Photography”.

If you are planning to come, please send me an e-mail stating so, at:

This blueberry field trip is for two photo clubs to meet and exchange ideas and friendships pertaining to photography.  Some members of the Focus Camera Club from Moncton will be joining members of the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia for this venture.

The field trip ends at 4:00 pm.  But if you feel you are too tired and have travelled enough you may leave anytime; just let me know in advance.   For the young spring chickens out there, you can stay with me if you want.  I will be leaving just after sunset or an hr after sunset depending on whether we have and afterglow or not.

PS Please dress warmly and bring rubber boots.  The fields may have lots of dew on the blueberry leaves in the morning.

I will answer all e-mails on the 17th. of October.

Have a great day and enjoy the moment.

Clarence Nowlan
Field Trip Coordinator

Field Trip 4, Saturday, October 18, 2014

Here are the plans for Saturdays field trip to Victoria Park, Truro,  and East Bay/Ottawa House shore, Parrsboro.  (It would be helpful to know who intends to come so, if you haven’t indicated this already, please let me know at

Meet at Victoria Park at 10.30 am, at the small memorial close to the washrooms adjacent to the parking lot.

Directions to Victoria Park (see map attached): Come off Highway 102 at Exit 13 onto Truro Heights Connector.  At end of Connector, turn right onto Willow, then first left onto Glenwood, which follow to its end.  At end of Glenwood, turn left on Young, then after several irregular minor blocks turn right on Brunswick.  Take third right onto Park Road, keeping left.  This will lead you to the Park’s parking lot.

We’ll walk up to the falls on Lepers Brook (or you can wander off independently and shoot what’s left of the fall colours if you wish).

This part of the trip will end at around 11.30 and we’ll travel independently (I’d like to avoid driving in convoy) to the Fundy Geological Museum in Parrsboro, meeting there at 1.30.    The journey from Truro to Parrsboro takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes, so this will give participants time to find/eat lunch.  Suggestions: bring a packed lunch, or drop into Tim’s (Truro, Debert, Parrsboro) or into Masstown Market.

Directions from Truro to Parrsboro: Backtrack to Highway 102 (for those who don’t know Truro, it might be advisable to follow the above route in reverse) and head to the Trans-Canada (Highway 104).  Join 104 in the direction of Amherst; after 5-10 minutes, exit onto Highway 4 (also posted I think to Highway 2) and Masstown and, after a few minutes, on Highway 4, turn left onto Highway 2 to Five Islands and Parrsboro.

Directions to Fundy Geological Museum (see map attached): Enter Parrsboro via Highway 2 (Eastern Avenue) and turn left at Stop sign onto Main Street (note that Tim’s is on the left by this intersection).  Proceed a couple of blocks along Main Street and turn left immediately after the imposing red brick building on the left, onto Two Islands Road.  Cross causeway and turn right to Fundy Geological Museum parking lot immediately before right turn onto Pier Rd.

I will provide further directions from there.

We will be visiting East Bay with its upturned strata and Ottawa House shore with colourful rocks.  Low tide is around 3.30 pm, so we will be comfortable from that perspective.  We will have to do some walking to get to the East Bay shore, and the ground may be muddy underfoot; so please bring appropriate footwear … good hiking or walking footwear, not rubber boots, as we may also need to do a little rock hopping, and rubber boots will not give ankle support.  Stay away from the cliffs … at least as far from the foot of the cliff as the cliffs are high.  Please bring signed and witnessed waver forms, available on the Guild website.  The long term forecast for Parrsboro is sunny and 18 degrees, but if that changes (, please watch the PGNS website for announcements or call me at 902-434-3392.  Given that there is another Guild field trip on Sunday, there would be no rain date.

Hope to see you on Saturday.

Victoria Park
Fundy Geological Museum

Rob Fensome

The Aquatic World, October 5, 2014

Seminar 2

Gilbert van Ryckevorsel, underwater photographer and senior member of PGNS (1970) will appear Sunday evening with his presentation “Underwater small rivers of Nova Scotia”.

This summer has been extraordinary weather wise  for his adventure diving for photography in our provincial clear rivers of which he wishes to introduce the macro world of our freshwater flora and fauna within these waters as the habitat of many forms of life which qualify our vital natural water resources and about which the public needs to be aware. The underwater world so much part of our environment is still taken for granted – the more we can see the more we can appreciate what we have.

An amazing encounter with a giant snapping turtle , our prehistoric surviving dinosaur holds the secret of life, stepped out of his awesome appearance becoming almost like a pet, believe it when you see my images recently achieved in the St.Mary’s River .

Snapping turtle

Gilbert van Ryckevorsel