Tips, Tricks and Tutorials

There is a new section in the members only web page called “Tips, Tricks and Tutorials”. I moved Colin Campbell’s seminars list into this section, I added a PDF about how I create a rather complicated vignette in Photoshop and Viki Gaul has supplied a link to the website that describes the creative orb technique she uses.

If you know of a website that describes a technique that you have found useful send me the url and I will add it to this new section. If you have found a helpful photo tutorial on YouTube , give me the link. Maybe you know of a favourite photographer’s website that talks about how the photographs were taken. It could be about a software technique, a useful Lightroom plugin, a location in NS with a great winter scene or a review of a camera or gadget that helped you with a purchase.

Help other Guild members discover these sources of good photographic information. The more links we have in this new section the better.

Darryl Robertson

PSA Print Competition

The Results are in from Round 1 of PSA Print Competition 2014-15
We are pleased to tell you that 4 PGNS printers received 5 Awards/Honourable Mentions

Darryl Robertson, Dahl Sheep Horns, Large Mono, 1st
Fred Greene, Cattle Egret 1862, Small Colour, HM
George Mitchell, Green Fly Couple, Small Colour, HM
Viki Gaul, 3 Flutterbies, Creative, 3rd 
Darryl Robertson, Sunflowers, Creative, HM


CONGRATULATIONS….Keep up the great work!  
PSA rep, Viki Gaul