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Seminar 8: South Africa Namaqualand and Namib Desert
Photo Experience, Sunday, February 23, 2020

I’ve taken in both South Africa and Namibia in 2014. You will note that much of this is covered in the photoguild newsletter: Volume 50 Issue 1, Jan. 2015. For any photographer who loves the excitement of both desert and wild life as well as the people of these two African countries… it is important to familiarize himself/herself with all that Africa has to offer both visually and historically.

Eugene Mio

Trophy Competition Night, Sunday, March 1, 2020

The upload page for the next competition is ready for entries….
The Trophy Competition Night will take place on the 1st of march at 7:30….Upload deadline is Feb 23rd. The top scoring images in each of the categories will receive that particular trophy…Wow !

Enter 2 images in each if you wish…

Note: RKMann entries can have words within the image if this helps to get the theme across.
Note: Guild Humor category titles will be read aloud as the image appears on the screen.
Note: Humor and portrait both require ‘new’ images…(not used in Guild Competitions before!)

So come on…get busy and upload those images for this very interesting competition…

Viki Gaul

Guild/PSA Competition #3, Monday, February 10, 2020

Announcing the 2nd Guild/PSA Competition of the season…

You can find the details in the Schedule on the PGNS website.
Please note that the Guild Assignment,“Textures” (2 images) is also due on the same date.
The upload deadline is February 3rd and the competition is on Monday the 10th.

With your images, we are looking forward to creating CLUB entries, for all 5 Digital Categories and 4 Print Sections. These CLUB entries will be sent to PSA INTERCLUB competitions, to compete with other clubs form various parts of the US and overseas as well.

Viki Gaul
PGNS Club Rep for PSA