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Christmas Dinner

Hello Everyone,
Wednesday night was the date of the PGNS ‘Christmas Dinner’ at the ‘l’Acadie Cafe on the Bedford Highway….
I came pretty close to photographing all of the attendees (37 I believe), and we know how shy photographers can be when it comes to having their pictures taken!!
The turkey supper was delicious…the camaraderie was superb!
As we look forward to some special time with family and friends, remember to take lots of photos and store up the memories for the winter months ahead!
Special thanks to Esther, and her helper Edie, for getting this occasion all set to go for us…we are appreciative of ALL you do for us !!!!
Till we meet again, stay safe, (don’t get run over by any reindeer!)


Please mark your calendars and plan to attend the Photo Guild’s event in the Halifax Festival of Photography (PHOTOPOLIS).

Meet us at the Viewpoint Gallery and see the digital exhibition that has been put together and produced to Spotlight the many talented photographers among us. Be sure to check out both the Photopolis and Viewpoint Gallery websites for schedules throughout the Festival, the whole month of October. And please bring a friend.

Wine and Cheese Social

Dear PGNS Members,

On Wednesday night we held the annual ‘Wine and Cheese Social’ to begin the season.
Darryl, (Mr. President), brought us all up to date, and welcomed everyone to a new season of sharing, learning and competing!

The Wine and Cheese evening ended with several people, both seasoned and new, showing photos and talking about “What I did last summer’….it was GREAT! It is good to be back at the club with friendly, familiar faces…

We all hope that YOU will participate as often as you can, coming out to meetings, seminars, and field trips. Please remember that even if you don’t participate in the competitions, they are a wonderful opportunity to see images and hear the judges do commentary (when possible).

The schedule is on the PGNS website and will not be printed this year….giving the club more opportunities to add seminars, change dates around etc….so stay tuned and check often. Ask questions and take part !

Watch soon for PGNS cards to carry with you to events, showing you are a proud member of this Club. See you soon….!