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PoY 2022-2023
Wednesday, May 24, 2023 7:30

Congratulations to each and every member that received ‘hardware’ last night at the Annual Awards Ceremony.

Kathy and Rosemary did a fantastic job gathering and presenting the information in an entertaining way.

Special thanks are extended to all those that competed with us this past season. Your contributions made it very hard for the judges and that is something we pride ourselves on.

This post is special because it recognizes our President as the recipient of the coveted ‘Photographer of the Year’ trophy. Also we want to recognize Stephan Martin as the Novice Photographer of the Year recipient.

The Trophy Gallery on the PGNS Website will soon be updated with all the other 2022-23 trophy winners.



End of Year (EoY) Competition
Wednesday, April 19, 2023 11:45PM

Hello again,
This is the last Competition of the year….
The End of Year trophy Competition to be exact.
Upload platform goes live on the 5th and closes on the 19th.

Read the announcement…
Then visit the ‘Member’s Only’ section of the website, for your scores if you need them, and for the form that gives an explanation.
(See the screenshot below with * marking both these things.)

You can print it and use it as a reference, but won’t need to submit it…it is just a helpful aid.

Best of luck to everyone.
There were some outstanding images this season and there will be three brand new judges, so it is yet another chance to have your work recognized and rewarded.

Ready, set, GO !!!!!!!!!!!