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South Shore Field Trip
Saturday, June 10, 2023 10:00 AM

Good day to you all…

I have been busy reconstructing the field trip that should have taken place last year and had to be cancelled. I hope you will consider joining us for all or part of the line-up.

It looks like the tide will be low at 8:43 am and will be high 2:35 pm…With this in mind, I have the day planned as follows.

Travel to Bridgewater (1 hour from Halifax) and take the route along old mainstreet, Hwy 331 that leads along the West Lahave River toward the ocean. Use bakery address in GPS.

Along the way you will see the Ferry crossing…(shortcut to Lunenburg). Don’t blink…next up is the famous Lahave Bakery. 2102 Highway 331 West LaHave NS B0R 1G0. If you want to stop – plan ahead….the lineups on Saturday mornings can be intimidating. Opens at 9am. Their products are fabulous…and if you forgot lunch you might want to grab a sandwich to bring along.

We will begin the day by meeting at the Fort Point Museum. 10:00am. YouTube
Address: 100 Fort Point RdLaHave NS B0R 1C0 Canada

The grounds and the quaint little museum/lighthouse will be open. A small lighthouse sits there with a lot of history. Also a cemetery. They don’t get a lot of guests, especially at one time, so we can take turns going inside.

Between 11:00 and 11:30 we will go directly to Risser’s beach while the tide is still low.
Civic Address: 5366 Hwy 331, Crescent Beach, NS B4V 6P2

The main parking lot is to the right (in the woods) and then we cross under the main road by tunnel to the main beach area. There are picnic tables, food truck and washrooms located here. We will have lunch and then venture onto the beach. To the left at the far end of the beach is a wonderful ‘fallout’ boulder if anyone wants to investigate it. We will plan to go right, all the way to the end of the beach, and take the Salt Marsh boardwalk back to where we started from. Across the way, is a little beach called ‘Sperry’s Beach’ and in the summer on a fine day it is buzzing with activity. Depending on the moisture, there is a path through the woods that sometimes is alive with mushrooms, but that is only by chance.

We will leave the beach 2:00-ish and backtrack a kilometre to take the Crescent Beach Road to the Lahave Islands.
Civic Address: 100 LaHave Island Road LaHave NS

Along the back of the beach, the area to the left is well known for its bird population and for its place in the migration points of small shore birds. Ahead there is a bridge, with a couple of scenes left and right, so you can stop here to take photos if you want. You might see kayakers coming or going on a morning run around the islands. Then a quick stop on the Government Wharf. (You’ll see the sign). The lobster season will be closed, but there might be boats and traps, ropes and gear to photograph. Don’t block the entrance to the slipway.

Next we will cross a single lane bridge to visit the Lahave Islands Marine Museum.
The eager young voice on the phone will be happy to see us! I mentioned we might ask a lot of questions… There are picnic tables available here on site, but I am unsure about a washroom! It is a great spot to take in some salt air and think about the way things used to be, way back when! From one of the picnic tables you can see across a little inlet to the wharf on the other side…and there should be boats tied up for photo ops. That’s what I have ordered!!!

3-ish- When we leave the Islands, we will go to to my house, 5526 Highway 331 Petite Riviere.
Lots of room for parking. We are all invited to see my neighbours gardens. He breeds unique hybrid day lilies. Face book page There will be some for sale, but our main purpose for going is that once the gardens start blooming a bit later, you will be welcome to come back to take photos. There will be a few little things blooming, (check out the yellow poppies in the greenhouse), but the true beauty comes later.

There will be some lady slippers in the woods surrounding our property and in the park, but I must remind you that you need to spray for ticks and mosquitoes. There are two osprey nests in the community. At the time of this email nothing is happening in either of the nests, but maybe another week will make a difference. One is on the corner across from the General Store and the other is in the school yard on Wentzell Road. (Available to see on the weekend only!)

Sometime after 4:00 (depending on how long it takes us to get gathered up) – Gary and I will offer you a bowl of chilli. There will be rolls, and apple crisp, tea (hot and iced) and coffee.

Some of us may sign in to the CAPA meeting to vote, and others, such as myself will have already voted via proxy.

Then….From my address in Petite Riviere it is approximately 1 1/2 hours back to the city. We will give you the ‘shortcut’ back the the highway.

Note: Field Trip Waivers (from our website) are required for participants.

That’s what I have in the works so far…Hope to see you! And if you’d be so kind…please let me know if you plan to attend…thanks ????


Apple Blossom Field Trip
Saturday, May 27, 2023 9:45 AM

Apple Blossom Field Trip

As part of celebrating the Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia’s 75th year as a club, we will re-tracing our club’s first field trip. John Wm. Webb and Eugene Mio will be leading us on an Apple Blossom tour through the Annapolis Valley on Saturday, May 27. (Raindate of Sunday, May 28).

We will meet at the Grand Pré National Historic Site parking lot at 9:45 am. Carpool if desired, and depart at 10:00am to Prescott House in Starr’s Pt. The house will be open ($2.80 entry fee) and we also have the outside of the house,  gardens and small orchard to photograph. From there we will visit Taproot Farm on Cunard Street. This farm is mostly organic and certified CSA Community Shared Agriculture. They have many animals and crops including an apple orchard. From there we will stop at Kingsport for a toilet break and then stop at Sarsfield Farm orchards. We can explore the orchards, if they have not sprayed recently. The it is off to Sheffield Mills to visit Richard Hennigar’s Suprima Farm organic orchard. Lastly, we visit the Northville Farm Heritage Centre. The farm may be closed but there is lots of buildings, farm tractors, equipment. On Sunday they are having an old fashion tractor pull.

We are going to have a late lunch at Callister’s Country Kitchen in Coldbrook at 4 pm sharp. So bring snacks and liquids to tide yourselves over until then.

For planning purposes, please email John ( by May 20 if you plan to attend the field trip and if you will be attending the meal at Callister’s.

Some links for the tour:
Prescott House
TapRoot Farms
Sarsfield Farms
Local Food Marketplace
Facebook Groups
Facebook Profile
Suprima Farms Facebook Profile
Suprima Farms Instagram

The approximate Route that we will be taking is:

Baxter Harbour Falls & Ueffing Gardens Field Trip
Saturday, May 13, 2023 11:00 AM

Baxter Harbour Falls
We’ll meet at the parking area of Baxter Harbour Falls around 11:00 a.m. The falls is a short walk along the beach. Low tide is 1:20 pm, so there is lots of time to take photos of the falls and wander around photographing the surrounding area. Hopefully, at this time of year, the falls should be at their best. Wear sturdy footwear as the ground can be rocky and uneven. There are no facilities. Bring your own lunch/snacks/water. Don’t forget tripod and ND filters.

Around 1:00 p.m. or whenever everyone is ready to leave Baxter Harbour Falls, the next stop is only eight minutes away to Ueffing Gardens.

Ueffing Gardens – 1624 Gospel Woods Road
Ueffing Gardens is a private residence that has generously opened their grounds to the public. It has a spectacular view of the Valley. Their gardens are professionally tended with many unique and interesting features. While it is a little early in the season (July is their peak time), hopefully there will still be lots to photograph. Again, there are no facilities.