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How to Talk About Photographs
Monday, March 14 2022 7:30 PM

How to Talk About Photographs with Jeff Hirsch

Photography is an entirely visual medium. But if we can’t find the right words to talk about our photographs, it can be hard to describe what’s going on in them and how they were constructed.

This hour-long presentation covers the basics of a visual vocabulary that we can all use to talk about our photographs in a more articulate and expressive manner.

Cultivating an awareness of both the elements that are visible in a photo and the decisions that were made to express those elements will make you not only a more constructive commentator, it will also make you a better photographer.

Jeff Hirsch is a photographer and photo-educator with over 40 years of experience in the field of photography, digital imaging, and graphic design.

A master of “geek-to-english” translation and an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom and Photoshop, he teaches photography and photo workflow to individuals and groups.

Along with his own class offerings, Jeff also teaches for the International Photography Hall of Fame and the Missouri Botanical Garden as part of their “Shaw Photography Series”.

Jeff is a frequent presenter at camera clubs both locally and nationally where he speaks on a wide variety of photographic subjects including street and travel photography, black and white photography, color management, photo restoration, book and slideshow creation, photographic workflow and more. Photo education IS his passion.

When he’s not teaching or locked down by a global pandemic, you will find Jeff leading photo tours to beautiful locations at home and abroad including Iceland, Cuba, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Cambodia, Thailand, and more. Jeff’s ultimate goal on any trip is to help photographers make more compelling and engaging images as they travel the world.

Information about Jeff’s classes and workshops can be found at:

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Techniques for Making a B&W Image
Sunday, February 20, 2022 7:30 PM

Techniques for Making a B&W Image
By Bob Benson

With the new software tools available to us, it is easier than ever to make a good monochrome image, as long as there is a basic concept to what makes a good image. Some of the many techniques are demoed, and software plugin options are discussed, as well as understanding how important color is to making a good B&W.

Bob Benson, FPSA EPSA, has held various positions with the Photographic Society of America, including a four year term as Divisions Vice President. Previously, he started the Interclub Competition for the older Electronic Imaging Division, then later, started the Interclub Competition for PID. Besides some other PSA related activities, he wrote an ongoing column for the Journal on Lightroom®. Currently he serves as the Ethics Review Advisor. Since online judging has become common, he judges for international exhibitions and clubs in other areas.

At the local level, he has been on the Board for the Chicago Area Camera Clubs Association since 2001, serving in many capacities, including President. He judges and presents at local clubs and for seminars on a regular basis, providing education programs and training for new judges. Through CACCA, he has earned major awards, including the Wanda Christl Award (photography excellence), Stinson Award (volunteerism), the Creativity Award, and holds a TOPS in color, mono, and creative prints.

“My biggest passion is prints and printing; there is nothing like seeing a well-crafted print. Back in the darkroom days, I was never satisfied with my B&W prints. Digital has changed all that, allowing the control I never was able to achieve before. Landscapes are my preference, but I am willing to try anything, as I see that as the best way to learn.”

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Focus Stacking in Landscape and Macro Photography
Monday, February 14, 2022 7:30 PM

About this event
Darryl Robertson and Laszlo Podor will show you the techniques used to make images with a deep depth of field, even when shooting with wide apertures. Included in the presentation…
• What is focus stacking
• Why and when do we need it in landscape and macro photography
• How to capture the images needed for the stack
• What do you need for the capture and the stacking process
• Focus stacking in camera and in post processing
• The problems and how to correct them
While this technique requires some patience (especially in macro photography), the end result will worth the time you spend on creating focus stacked images.

Landscape Focus Stacking by Darryl Robertson

Darryl joined The Photographic Guild of Nova Scotia in 2011. He has served as PGNS Webmaster since 2013. In 2016 he was awarded Maple Leaf (MCAPA) from Canadian Association of Photographic Art. Darryl was the president of the Guild from 2017-2019 and currently serves as Past-President. He has received many ribbons from interclub competitions, and several Guild awards and trophies. In 2018 his name was engraved on the Photographer of the Year trophy. Darryl has given several seminars, including 3D Anaglyph, HDR, Infrared, Orton Effect, Panoramas and Time Stacks. His photographic interests include landscapes, night sky, wildlife, bird photography and prints. Darryl is an individual member of CAPA.

Macro Focus Stacking by Laszlo Podor

Laszlo Podor MCAPA joined PGNS in 2007. He became the Statistician in 2008. Since then he has held a several positions, including three terms (6 years) as the President of the Guild and currently serves as President.

Laszlo has won numerous Guild awards and trophies, and also awards from CAPA and PSA. In 2016 he was awarded Maple Leaf (MCAPA) from Canadian Association of Photographic Art. He has given several ‘post processing’ seminars at the Guild, and he and his wife, Maria have hosted many Guild field trips in their wonderful pristine gardens. His photographic interests include many genres, but you might say his specialty is macro. Laszlo is an individual member of CAPA and of PSA.

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