Experience Nova Scotia

Whenever I am asked about where to photograph in Nova Scotia I always point visitors to the “Photographer’s Guide to Nova Scotia“, created by two friends of mine. Blair is a videographer and Carolyn is a photographer. Now they have produced a TV series about Nova Scotia. If you have an Eastlink account you can watch the series on Eastlink Community TV (channel 610).

“Experience Nova Scotia” will air beginning Sunday, January 19 at 1:30pm on Eastlink Community TV with repeats on Tues. and Thurs. at 1:30pm for length of the series of 6 weeks, then the whole series repeats again for another 6 weeks. EastLink Community TV serves 330,000 TV subscribers in nine provinces.

Darryl Robertson

Christmas Party

Take a moment to accept this wish, from all the folks who participated in the Christmas Party held on the 11th… The collage represents a portion of the fun and the activities of the evening. Pam did a superior job as ‘head Elf’ this year and her ‘underlings’ were happy to give her a hand! Supper was delicious, the games were well received and everyone was grinning so we are of the opinion that a good time was had by all (30).

So on behalf of the party-goers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to each and every one of you, and your families too. Take lots of photos, to remember the special moments, eat lots of wonderful holiday treats, and above and beyond all that, be safe, at home and in your travels….

The PGNS Christmas Elves

PGNS Christmas

So here we go…
Ladies and gentlemen, the PGNS Christmas Elves have been busy planning the Christmas get together…for members and guests!
We sure hope you are able to make it!
PLEASE let us know by Saturday….that will make the planning more efficient !
Email Viki or Pam