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Seminar 3: Sight & Sound Essay, November 20, 2017

On Monday, 20th November, I will be conducting a hands on Sight and Sound seminar. We will be using a software app from Corel called Video Studio X10. You can download the trial version free for 30 days. I have been using this programme for 35 years. It began as ULEAD out of England. Eventually it was acquired by Corel and sometime later it morphed into Video Studio.

I have used it intensively for all my video weddings, silent essays and sight and sound essay projections at the competitions, and to prepare the Spring and Fall shows.

We will be learning ::

  1. Selecting images and how to insert them into the VS programme.
  2. Adding fades and timings.
  3. Adding music to the audio track and adjusting both length and volume thereby.
  4. Finally output MP4 video.

Many look at me with disbelief when I say that in 15 minutes I’ll have you making up an essay. Remember I am a teacher, not a lecturer, and this is hands on.

MP4 is the de facto standard now and can be produced by both Mac and PC platforms. As you have noticed the Silent Essay competition is coming up very soon and they are all MP4’s, as prepared by Darryl on his Mac. Lately 60 to 80% of our essays were MP4, very easy to project and in any desirable sequence.

Like I said it is a hands on seminar. The plan is that we set up 4 or 5 stations – or more – at the meeting. You will set up your laptop fully equipped with the VS 10 Pro software. The software can be downloaded from Corel as a trial version. There are 2 versions of the X10 at Corel…X10 pro and X10 Ultimate. I like the ultimate but the Pro is adequate and is what we will be using at the club.

COST ??:

The trial version is free but, at times, there are specials thus reducing the cost.

Version Normal Special
X10 Pro $79.99 $63.99
X10 Ultimate $99.99 $79.99

This programme is backwards compatible so we get away from the nonsense that the other programme insults us with.

At the Corel site you will find all kinds of software that might interest you. Good to take a look.


  1. go to
  2. click on Trial 3rd from left.
  3. click on the X10 icon, 2nd down on right column.
  4. you can take it from there.

Any questions? call Merv at 902-456-1449

See all you thespians there on Monday 20 th.


Telling a story with your images – Monday, October 16, 2017

Telling a story with your images – the art of creating an essay.

We’ve all done it.

Gone on a trip of a lifetime, photographed a particular event (ie. wedding, sports meet) or documented a hobby (ie. gardening). Inevitably, your friends/family ask: “Where are your images? Can we see them?”

So you have hundreds if not thousands of images. Surely they want to see all of them…
Well, perhaps not. Those of us who shot slides, can remember back to the days of the dreaded family gatherings when the photographer (insert relative’s name here) showed slide after slide of every minute detail of their trip. On monday evening, I will discuss how one can create an essay to tell a story with one’s images. We will talk about some common pitfalls to avoid and techniques you may want to try. As well, I will walk you through a brief demo of Proshow.

Darryl Robertson will also be giving a brief demo of FotoMagico (the Mac equivalent of Proshow).

See you all Monday night!

Joyce Chew

Seminar 1

Monday evening was a real treat for the eyes….
Peter Zwicker did a wonderful job presenting his images in a program he created called “My Journey-How Photography Saved me From Myself”.

It was both educational, and fun…followed by Guild Goodies supplied by Dean Hirtle.
Thank You to all who attended the presentation….Some of the folks that joined us are pictured in the photos above…

Viki Gaul