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Monday, January 9, Seminars

Time Stacking by Darryl Robertson

This short seminar (15 minutes) will explain what time stacking is, what it looks like and how you can do it. This technique was invented by a Canadian photographer! It turns clouds into an impressionist painting and it is easy to do. This seminar will show example images, discuss the equipment that is needed, what to do in the field and the post processing that is required.

Bring a flash drive to the meeting and you can take home the
Photoshop Time Stack action created by the speaker.

Post Production by Laszlo Podor

This seminar is a hands on, workshop type seminar, so please bring your laptop with you with your favourite image processing software. We’ll cover some basic and advanced techniques in a number of software packages (ON1 Photo RAW, Lightroom, Nik Software, Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, …).
Bring some images with you to work with and please make sure your laptop (or tablet) is fully charged.

If you have any questions before the seminar, or if you would like to have a specific technique covered, please send Laszlo an e-mail.