Southern Africa: Images and Impressions
Sunday, January 17, 2021, 7:30PM

Southern Africa: Images and Impressions
Speaker: Jim Neale

Sport, adventure and travel became vitally important to Jim from an early age and have been a constant throughout his life. Jim and his wife have taken a year away from work on 3 different occasions to volunteer and visit the most extraordinary places. Since retiring from Dalhousie, they now travel between November and May every year – still backpacking and chasing opportunities that present themselves rather than any kind of plan. They are humbled and deeply grateful for the opportunities they’ve had to experience remarkable things, in remarkable places, with remarkable people. Their 5 months in Southern Africa in 2018/19 was their second time there and they cannot wait to get back. It’s a place that takes a little getting used to but finds its way into one’s heart. He’s looking forward to sharing few of their images and impressions with you.

We’ll cover…
– a little background on how Jim travels and the gear he takes… and how this shapes the kind of images he tends to get
– a brief slideshow to give a sense of what he encountered
– a few things he’s learned about self-directed (self-driving) photographic opportunities in Africa… but also the other kinds of opportunities
– a walk through a series of images that illustrate the unique opportunities and challenges and to tell a few stories behind getting the shot
– a Q&A

You can preview Jim’s sport and travel images here

About Jim Neale:
Jim was an educator and organizational development consultant – mostly at Dalhousie. He took up photography far too late in his life. Jim was a member of the Photo Guild for a couple of years, until he began travelling for most of the Guild’s season. A former competitive athlete, he now looks for opportunities to give back to sport through photography.

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