Grand Vistas & Intimate Details
Sunday, September 19, 2021, 7:30 PM

Grand Vistas & Intimate Details – by Colin Campbell

In my youth I always wanted to climb to the top of the highest hill to gaze upon a grand landscape or the ocean: to be enraptured by the beauty and immensity of the world, and yearn to explore lands beyond the horizon.

I am still in awe at the wonderment of it all, and seek to express my love of grand landscapes in my photography. But by honing my habits to seeing more carefully, photography has led me to an appreciation of details that can be under-appreciated or missed. 

After capturing a big landscape, I will now seek out and photograph details of line, colour and texture for a more intimate and abstract experience of nature.

This presentation is about the details in grand landscapes.

Colin was born in Halifax in 1948, grew up in Montreal, and returned to his native Nova Scotia to attend university. He stayed and spent his career teaching history in the Halifax area. 

In retirement, Colin found that digital photography provided powerful tools for his creative juices. He joined PGNS, winning many annual awards, exhibited at Viewpoint Gallery, did various presentations, seminars and workshops in NS and NB, and wrote a number of articles on digital processing for the PSA Journal.

In 2016, Colin and his wife Jennifer left Halifax for three and a half years of traveling much of North America in an RV. In 2019, they settled in Ottawa to be closer to family. He (and Jennifer later) joined the Camera Club of Ottawa, which has been active ever year since 1894. Here, Colin has also won awards and had prints exhibited.

With this presentation, Colin is happy to renew his acquaintance with the Photographic Guild.

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