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The Nature of Nature, February 9, 2018

The Nature of Nature: The Photographs of Thaddeus Holownia, 1976-2016 (Art Gallery of Nova Scotia/Anchorage Press) is a remarkable artefact – a book designed to make photographs come to life in our hands. Thaddeus Holownia works in large format photography, and the majority of his work has been made with an antique instrument called a banquet camera, designed to photograph large groups. The negative size from these cameras varies, but is usually 7 x 17 or 8 x 20 inches. For much of his career Holownia has elected to print his photographs at the same scale–creating horizontal prints, dense with information, that are perfect for photographing the landscape. Review by Ray Cronin

Vic Fraser

Flickr Group Update

The Guild has changed the guidelines for posting photographs to its Flickr group. All photographs on the PGNS Flickr site will remain public and anyone can view and comment on them. However, we are now limiting image uploads to members of the Guild only.

Sharing your photographs in our Flickr group is a great way to let us know what images you have been taking. Inspire the rest of us to get out there and take some photos! Let us know what new techniques you have used or what new gear you like. Be sure to tell us how you took the image so we all can learn.

If you want to share your images, but you have not joined our Flickr group, please email the webmaster to request a Flickr membership invitation. Please include your Flickr screen name if you already have a Flickr account.