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Mervyn Kumar-Misir Chronicle Herald Articles

On August 5, 2018, a message was posted on the and automatically sent to the executive. The following is a portion of that message:

“I’ve come across a series of scrapbooks that my father put together in the 1980s and 90s, of M. Kumar-Misir’s Chronicle Herald columns. Would they be of interest to the Guild? I’d be pleased to send them…they contain a lot on the history of photography, technical information and general reference.
Thank you. Cora Nelson”

Mervyn contacted Cora Nelson who was visiting from the United States. Arrangements were made to meet, which resulted in six (6) well-documented scrapbooks dating from 1979 to 1986.

The first scrapbook features articles from February 2, 1979 to January 4, 1980 written by Peter N. Parsons, Chronicle Herald photographer. The remaining articles in this scrapbook and the following five (5) scrapbooks are written by Mervyn Kumar-Misir. These books date from January 23, 1981 to January 24, 1986.

Mervyn’s articles feature all aspects of photography from introduction of new products such as cameras, lens, light meters, colour film, digital cameras, tape technology, video, producing sight and sound shows, etc. He also covered methodology in composition, equipment selection and care, “how-to” in macro, portrait, wedding, night photography, nature, sports, seasonal images, flowers, birds, tall ships and parades, best Nova Scotia locations to photograph such as Peggy’s Cove, Blomidon, Cape Split, and much more.

Some of Mervyn’s articles cover PGNS meetings, competitions, and notable figures such as Fred Greene with his first PoY, Wally Hayes, Gary Myers of Reid Sweet Photo Shop, and Sherman Hines.

Mervyn was the first photographer in Nova Scotia to shoot colour film for weddings. One of his most interesting images, which is also a double-exposure, was published on March 27, 1981 and features the CN Tower in Toronto with his signature “moon”. These articles are very informative, historic, and just plain fun to read.

Kudos to Mr. Nelson for preserving them and to Cora Nelson for passing them on to Mervyn.

Esther Theriault

It Takes a Team !

Thought I would share this collage I made with cell phone photos to show you what goes into a competition evening at the Guild…
It takes a team….one with a sense of humour by times!
And this team is GREAT….!!!!

Viki Gaul

The Nature of Nature, February 9, 2018

The Nature of Nature: The Photographs of Thaddeus Holownia, 1976-2016 (Art Gallery of Nova Scotia/Anchorage Press) is a remarkable artefact – a book designed to make photographs come to life in our hands. Thaddeus Holownia works in large format photography, and the majority of his work has been made with an antique instrument called a banquet camera, designed to photograph large groups. The negative size from these cameras varies, but is usually 7 x 17 or 8 x 20 inches. For much of his career Holownia has elected to print his photographs at the same scale–creating horizontal prints, dense with information, that are perfect for photographing the landscape. Review by Ray Cronin

Vic Fraser